Films from long ago

Various locations
McKennan Park from way back when. Full-motion on something I'd only ever seen in postcards! It's like the land of Dairy Queen not made with sweet confections.
Next we find cattle riding from Hills, MN to the Sioux Falls Stockyards. You can see Morrell's packing house in the background and the big, white building on the north end of the stockyards that stands to this day.
More stockyard footage, but during a colder (and perhaps better-smelling) time of year. Still got Morrell's in the background. Ending on a shot of a cow long-since turned into food.
I saved the best for last. I'll break down the juicy details according to the time:
:00-:03 Crossing the 10th St. Viaduct. Center frame you can see the Carpenter Hotel with its telltale roof sign and in front of that the old Rock Island Depot (currently The Great Outdoor Store).
:04-:05 310 S. 1st Ave. Clement's Studebaker Body & Truck Service.
:06-:11 J.J. Newberry's Five and Dime at the corner of 10th and Phillips.
:12 The Cataract Hotel on the left-hand side.
:22-:24 The old downtown Sears store on the right-hand side. You can just make out the sign.
:25 You can just see the outline of the Hollywood and Granada Theatres' marquees on the right, though not well.

These videos were all provided by Todd Thorin, who took the original 16mm film and translated to digital. I think he used a combination of magic and computers!