The Delux Motel

1712 W 12th Street
I'm not too well-read on its history, and I'm too afraid to stop in and ask (the upkeep suggests they're not too "preservation-minded"). Unfortunately the current condition is none too welcoming. The postcards I've come across suggest brighter days in its past.
The DeLux consists of numerous cabins and obviously hails from a period in time I will call "The Golden Age of Motels". Americans were jumping in the ol' Land Behemoth to tour the country and fall into the numerous tourist traps along the nation's hi-ways. They needed a comfortable place to stay and the DeLux looks to have fit the bill nicely.
Here we see a similar angle in 2006. We can see they're still doing business, although maybe not the same kind as before. On the cabins nearest the street, the windows have been removed. The paint has been updated to greyish-blue from the crisp white. Perhaps the thing that most damages the curb appeal of the DeLux is the replacement of the grass with blacktop. Granted, the widening of 12th street helped with the grass reduction.
The classic signage of the DeLux is not to be missed. One can taste the irony, and it tastes like rusted metal. It boasts air conditioning, TV, Phones. It probably was a good stop for traveling salesmen of the bygone traveling salesmen age. I wouldn't be surprised if Willie Loman spent a month here.
Sadly, the sign is not lit at night. The fall from glory is complete.
Another angle on the once comfortable cabins. I'm sure the increase of traffic on 12th street has had a profound effect on the DeLux's business.
In my wild dreams, some entrepreneur comes along, sees the kitch appeal and restores this place to its former subtle glory. I'm sure this place was never along the lines of the Cataract Hotel, but I'm certain it was comfortable and homy to the weary motorist or salesman. Certainly the word bedbug was not the first to come to mind when one saw the glitzy neon sign shining on the side of highway 16 once upon a yesterday.