Kennedy / Seville Apartments

115 E. 11th (Demolished)
Gone but not forgotten, the Seville Apartments have left Sioux Falls.
The Seville Apartments stood facing 11th street for years. Casually avoiding observation, wearing that ugly awning as a disguise.
The front of the building actually has some panache. Again, not thrilled about the awning.
Notice the corbels above the upstairs windows. They need some work, but they're not bad.
Front door doesn't do too much for the overall appeal. Glass block always reminds me of Miami Vice. But then again, it could suggest some Art Deco influence. I don't know if it was original. I'm guessing the orginal front door was wooden.
Aaah, the green mark of death. The owners Courtney Anderson and his sister Hardy Halverson thought they'd tear the ol' girl down rather than go to the trouble of breathing new life into her. It's hard to blame them, really. It's hard work and it takes lots of capital.

The city makes you wait 90 days before it'll let you tear down a building in a historic district. Sort of a cool-down period in which the board of preservation can help to find individuals interested in purchasing the building and renovating.
The ugly awning says Office Center. Once upon a time in the '80s, when I had time and money, I collected comics. There was a comic shop upstairs called Cannonball Comics. I picked up one of my favorite Spiderman comics here. Origin of the Hobgoblin. I was also introduced to Eastman and Laird's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles back before they got obnoxious and ubiquitous in the late '80s.
See the big crest? I'm not sure what that represents, but I'm looking into it.
A closer look at the crest, flanked by the small flower tiles. They just don't do that kind of thing any more.
Nearly gone but not quite ready for parking.
Parking is something that has always been in short supply downtown, in its early heyday for sure, but just as much now as the area is coming into its second life. Part of what bring all that attention to downtown is the historical buildings we've got. With the passing of the Kennedy Apartments, there's one less interesting building to draw attention. So it goes.