Southway Shopping Center

2131 South Minnesota
I used to buy comics here.
One of the first places I went to get my steady supply of newsprint in the form of comics was here at Southway Shopping Center. The store was Collector's Connection and I spent plenty of money there on Spiderman back issues and New Teen Titans (the Perez and Wolfman era). Nyberg's Ace Hardware got it's start here as well, being the first to bring Webber Grills to Sioux Falls. Notice also, Bill Pay had his camera store shingle hung out here. I'll say it again: Bill Pay is a hell of a nice guy. The bad thing about a name like that is it makes his website nigh impossible to find. He's got some great photos and he's happy to make prints for you and show you some wonderful shots of how Sioux Falls has changed over the years.

Southway Shopping Center, built in 1949, was Sioux Falls' first foray into a non-downtown shopping experience. It was the tiny bell that marked the beginning of the end for the downtown-centric business model.
Greater Sioux Falls, May 1958