Haunted Sioux Falls

Various Locations
Some tales to turn your blood cold.

I've got a few ghost stories, but I'm looking for more. If you have any spooky stories from Sioux Falls, please let me know!

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Ande gives us our first chilling tale from the very heart of Sioux Falls.
Renee has a haunting story to tell about a peculiar poltergeist.

Is the Sioux Falls bike path haunted by a spectral rider?

A haunted church lurks in the heart of the city.
Is Sanford hospital haunted by a youthful apparition?

Jody is haunted by ghostly children and a pale-skinned woman.

Greg encounters a split foyer with a history of haunting.

Elizabeth and her family experience a presence in their home on east 22nd.

Jessie sends this chilling story from the heart of downtown.

Jason has shared a chilling tale from Schoenemans'.
Is a home on north Minnesota inhabited by its previous owners?

A. J. Mittendorf tells a tale from his childhod - The Empty House

Emily brings a chilling tale from a South Sioux Falls apartment

If you suspect you're being haunted, the first thing to do is send me an email about it.

If you want your possible haunting checked out, you can contact Darkness Falls Paranormal Society.

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