Home on east 8th

1500 E. 8th and more
I just love to take a peek into the past. So much the better if you get a glimpse into a life or two.
So I get all sorts of things on eBay for this site. Sometimes I get some real nuggets of goodness.

Behold, Virgil Wendt c1929, looking dapper in his suit, his hat in hand. Perhaps he's in a new neighborhood. The tree behind him looks pretty young.

To give some context, the State Theatre had been open for three years at this point. World War I was long over, the stock market had either just crashed, or was about to (judging from the fallish look of the trees). Maybe Virgil was feeling a burden brought on by a down-turned economy (gee, I wonder what that's like).
Was this Virgil's house in 1930? I'm not sure. I'm not sure I really care. I like to think that maybe Virgil worked at Manchester's biscuit concern by day and perhaps enjoyed playing catch with his kids in his off hours. The house is still there according to Google Maps, though they've built on a bit.
Here's a smaller place (but brand new) on East 12th St. c1936. This is before they came up with more modern moisture barriers to be used under siding.

If you recognize this house, don't be shy. Let me know where it is.
Here are Donnie and Pat. Assuming the labeler of the photo knew his or her journalism rules, Donnie is the dog. How exciting to have a brand new house to play around. Watch out for nails, Pat. I've been stung by a rusty barb or two when living in a new neighborhood, though I never told my mother.

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