Haunted by Children

Near Whittier Middle School
Jody has had some interesting experiences in her old house east of The Falls.
We have lived in this house for almost eight years, it was built in 1910. It is a beautiful house. Almost as soon as we moved in, there have been odd things going on. There are loud noises in the middle of the night; knocking, footsetps and yes, voices. One night I awoke to a loud knocking. I thought someone was at the door. As I looked out the window of the front door, I saw a full apparition walk behind me. I saw just the side view of her as she did not look at me; she just walked as if I were not there. She was almost see-through and greyish looking, with long dark hair and white pale skin. It's so hard to explain the way she looked, but when I whipped around, she was gone. Everyone that comes to our house will say they feel funny, uneasy; mainly on our steps going up stairs. I feel as if there is more than one ghost. I believe we have children here as well. We have heard gigling, clapping, and running.

Some believe that the quartzite bedrock we enjoy in the Sioux Falls area is conducive to residual hauntings; hautings that seem to be a recording of events that transpired in the past. If that's true, Jody and her neighbors probably have regular visitors to keep them company in the dark hours of the night. I can tell you that the giggling would send me screaming into the night.

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