House on North Minnesota

Minnesota avenue near Russell
There is a house on north Minnesota avenue that may still be occupied by its original occupants.
Denise brings us a story from her childhood. Could it be there are still spirits inhabiting this 1904 house?
I was born in Sioux Falls, SD in 1955 and raised in Sioux Falls. I lived on North Minnesota Ave until I was 17 in a house built around 1904. There were many ghostly experiences in this house. I slept first in the parlor and then graduated to the upstairs room around 7 years old. I had an attic door about 4 feet tall going into the attic which wrapped half way around the house in my bedroom. The attic was about 5 feet deep and 4 ft. tall. It sloped from the roof shape. The attic went around the house and came out in the second bedroom upstairs. It was full of stuff so you could not walk from one bedroom to the other via the attic.

I remember my mom and dad coming upstairs when I was around 8 years old to ask me why I was walking around my room at 1 in the morning. Below my room was the dining room which was just off their bedroom. I was fast asleep so it was not me. I had put all my stuffed toys in front of the door as I was afraid of the attic. The door had the old fashioned knob and lock on it and I made sure it was locked EVERY night. After realizing it was not me walking around they saw that the attic door must have been opened and then closed as all my toys were neatly pushed outwards as if the door had been opened from the inside. I slept under my blankets after that even in the 100 degree heat of the summer with NO air conditioning. I hated that bedroom.

Next strange occurrence happened when my parents were gone and my older sister and older brother and I were sleeping in my parents bed on the main floor waiting for them to come home. The backside of the steps that went upstairs was in my parents closet. All three of us heard footsteps coming down those steps. We all looked at each other and RAN out the front door across the street to my parents friends home. It was around midnight.  That was back when Minnesota had a boulevard and not much traffic.

My sister and I were going over old pictures a few years back and we realized that in ALL the front room pictures were orbs above the heads of those in the pictures. Even after we were all grown up and our kids and grand kids were in the pictures there were orbs in the pictures above their heads. Always just two orbs. One small and one larger.

My sister stayed in the house until 2014 and sold it. She could hear noises all the time but after so many years of them not hurting anyone she just accepted them. But the basement always creeped her out. That was a scary basement in itself.
Do the current residents of this old house still enjoy the company of others?