Sioux Valley... er... Sanford Hospital Area
Renee's mischieveous spirit presented itself in an interesting way.
When I was first married we lived in a house near Sioux Valley Hospital. We had a cute new puppy named Sophie who sometimes liked to sleep in our bed, so we would keep the bedroom door closed when we were away. I usually make my bed as soon as I wake up so it seemed odd to me that my bed would be unmade after I got out of the shower. And since my husband left a couple of hours earlier than I did, I knew I couldn't blame him. I thought I was going crazy or maybe I was just pretty groggy and forgot to make the bed, but it seemed to be happening a lot. Maybe the dog got in the bed and messed it up while I was showering. I had to set my mind at ease, so one day I woke up and made the bed. I stood back and looked at the nicely-made bed and said OUT-LOUD, “I have made the bed!”. I closed the door to the bedroom so the dog could’t mess it up and jumped into the shower. When I got out of the shower, almost forgetting about the bed, I entered my bedroom and what I saw made my blood go cold! The covers weren't messed up, but neatly turned back! I yelled, “Go to the light, go to the light!”, quickly got dressed and went to work. At least I knew I wasn't crazy, but I didn't like the alternative very much!

Renee's ghost never caused any real problems for her or her family. She eventually trained it to do light housework, but in a twist that will make your veins fill with ice, it never quite got the right amount of fabric softener in with her sheets!

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