Apartment in South Sioux Falls

Emily shares a chilling story of a visitation.
My fiancé had just moved in with me at the time, and we were just newly dating. He had said one night when we were hanging out in the living room he all of a sudden saw a man by the front door / laundry machines in our unit. He was tall, in a long brown coat and a funny looking hat, but then disappeared. I thought it was spooky, too but shrugged it off.

A few weeks or so passed by and I was showing him my old scrapbooks. I came across a picture of my Great Grandparents and my fiancé pointed at the picture right away and exclaimed it was the same man from the doorway. I instantly got chills because this was my Great Grandpa who I never met and neither did my mom as he had passed on before her or any of her siblings were born. I had no idea why he would be “haunting” me or appearing to me in such manor as he was long gone before mine and my mothers time.

Later on as more time had passed my fiancé was in the bathroom getting ready for the day and I was making our packed lunches in the kitchen. The bedroom door of ours was near the living room so neither of us were by it and all of a sudden it slammed shut with one of our cats inside. It was a forceful slam, and it was winter, so no windows or back door had been open for a breeze or any fans/air unit etc. to have closed it. We both looked at each other from the bathroom/kitchen and ran to the door. To our surprise the door was locked from the inside and the knob wouldn’t turn or budge. Panic set in for the cat and we didn’t know what to do as it was early in the morning and the maintenance guys weren’t in yet. We tried to pry it open and nothing would work and eventually when time allowed we could go grab a maintenance guy. They had to take the entire knob off the door to get in as it was warped from the inside and busted. Thankfully our cat was ok but seemed pretty spooked from whatever he encountered in that room. We still to this day never figured out what caused that to happen and the maintenance guy was stunned as well.
The visitor, but not necessarily cat-aggressor, Emily's great grandfather.