Split Foyer

Western Sioux Falls
A house on West Dardanella has a reputation for striking fear into the heart. Our anonymous contributor shares his experiences.
I have not stayed in that house for many years. I would never stay there again. Too many really creepy things happen.

One night, I was sitting in the lower level (it is a split foyer) and the phone was on the wall in the hallway. The phone started to dial all by itself, no one else was home, and then someone answered. I could only hear one side of the conversation, but it was really weird. Whoever was on the line could hear the other person, but I could not. Why the phone dialed itself, and what was talking on the phone was creepy, but worst of all was how terrified the person on the other end became before she hung up. Way way too scary for me.

People who sleep there are plagued with nightmares, especially those who know nothing about the house's condition. Visitors often say they will never come back after only one night.

The worst place in the whole house is the crawl space under the foyer...
The crawl space is behind the closet which is under the stairs in the lower level. It is a very large room, about 10x7 but is only about 3 feet high. Concrete floor, studs in walls. remote and dark. I was told it was once all sealed up, but one short-term owner, (most owners have been short term) cut the closet wall open and tried to use the crawl space for storage. Bad idea.

I was helping my girlfriend and once went in that crawl space, no one else was home, and I was trying to unpack some of the junk from previous owners. It seems people put stuff in there and are afraid to go back in and get it. Anyway, one of the very few times I was in that crawlspace, I heard footsteps right over my head. Thinking people had come home, I got out, but no one was there in the foyer, or the garage or anywhere else in the house. I ignored it that time. So I went back in it. The footsteps returned, but this time with muffled voices. Right over my head. The words were weird, too. I could hear them, but not understand what the words were. Kind of like a foreign language, but none I'd heard before. Then I heard a baby crying. There was no baby living there, none. Pretty much freaked me out.

My girlfriend's kids said they never went in the crawlspace ever. The kids also said something about where the fireplace had been in the downstairs, but it was all covered over with new sheetrock and stuff.

For a newer house, that place has had lots of owners, and I know I would not sleep in that place ever again.
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